I am María, the Mary of Marymood and I was born in Menorca, my mood is chosen by the wind. I used to be a creative copywriter and now a shirt designer, I was very clear that my next project had to be very much in my measure, I had to reflect values ​​that define me and that I also pursue;

Marymood stands by responsible consumption, being aware of the impact compulsive consumption has at a social and environmental level.

Marymood selects its fabrics according to three main factors: sustainability, social ethics and quality. 

Marymood promotes local business and does not scrimp on quality. It bets on creating unique, long-lived pieces far away from fashion’s seasonal stress. It understands fashion as something fun, not superficial, affirming, “if everything fun was superficial, we would be lost”.

Thanks for the visit,

María Albertí de Juan