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Marymood shirts are made with the best and most beautiful cottons in the world: Egyptian and American cotton.

The Egyptian Cotton (Giza 87), grown directly by the Albini Group in their own crops by the shores of the river Nile. Its fibre presents unique and extraordinary characteristics that provide it with a softness and glow typical of silk, and a resistance far greater than that of any other cotton. The result: a silky cotton that stands the test of time, maintaining its softness, freshness and glow wash after wash. 

The American Cotton (Superior Pima) grows mainly in California. One of its main characteristics is the absence of contamination (thanks to the mechanical harvesting) and the unusual length of its fibers. This extra length allows to be spun into much finer yarns (albini Group) and the cotton is twice as strong as normal.

All of the Albini Group’s fabrics (Egyptian and American cotton) have the OEKO - TEX Standard 100 certificate: a control system that certifies the absence of toxic contents in their raw materials, semifinished and final products throughout all the stages of the process. 

Marymood obtains its textiles directly from Italy and prints its very own designs digitally, in Spain. Such is the most eco-friendly method of printing as it avoids having tint surplus, and does not require running water, saving in such way litres that could otherwise be polluted as a result of other printing processes and more traditional tints. 

The shirts are finally sewn together in Barcelona, whose textile industry has been greatly affected by the fashion chain’s exodus to Asian markets mainly, with the objective of providing a cheaper product. In this way therefore, in a small Catalan atelier that has managed to survive such crisis, the Marymood shirts are joyfully made. 

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